Let’s talk iPhone

There’s allot of hype in the air about the new iPhone 5. Rumors suggest a mid September release but no one will know until Apple announces the news. Only then will we be able to put the rumors to rest. There is already a case design leak that suggest to the new dimensions of the new device and the cases are said to be “all over China” right now.

Some new physical features of the phone are believed to be a 4″ screen ( but will the dot pitch change?), a touch gesture area where the home button is supposed to be, the mute switch is said to be re-located to the opposite edge of the device and it may even have a new rounded back with a tear shaped design to resemble that of a MacBook Air. Some other features may be the dual core processor that is currently being used in the iPad 2 and there has been some question as to a memory increase. one last thing may be a 8Mp camera.

I hope to see all of these features but would be just as happy if there was a increased camera quality opposed to an increase in pixel density. I think that Apple has been smart about incorporating features in the fashion that they have been. They give everyone a little taste to keep us wanting more. Just take a look at the stock prices and they’re cash on hand is reportedly larger than the US Government! That pretty much sums up the financial growth Apple has built since the release of the first iphone in 2007.

Share your thoughts, let me know what you hope to see in this new device?

2 Comments on “Let’s talk iPhone”

  1. Clockworx Gaming August 1, 2011 at 7:48 am #

    This is some reall good information. I’ll have to keep this page in my fav’s and check on it from time to time.

    By the way. Did you hear that they are coming out with a iPad 3 in January 2012? yep. That’s froma source on the inside. Can’t say who, but it’s a trusted source. You know anything about that?

    • electricsproket August 1, 2011 at 8:01 am #

      Yes I was aware if that. Apple continues to release new updated hardware on a yearly basis. A new iPhone will be released the end of next as well. But there may be an iPad released THIS year again! But with a retina display!!!

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