Jailbreaking for iPhone










If you have any interest in Jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod or iPad and you want to know what it is and what it can do? Look no further.

Jailbreaking your device allows you to run 3rd party apps that you will not find on the App Store. Maybe your asking yourself, why is this such a big deal? Well the answer is simple you can open up a world of different things that your device can do that you never thought possible. You can install themes for you device which will make the icons, fonts, status bar and backgrounds different from what you have ever seen. you can tether your laptop, iPad or iPod touch to use the data from your iphone. You can do so many things to your device that I could never list them all here, it’s something you will have to explore for you self.

Is it safe? well in my four years of having a iPhone I have never had a single issue with security. Although I have taken some precautions like changing the root and mobile passwords. This can be done with the command line terminal and though this may this may seem intimidating it’s actually very easy to do. I have also never had an issue with “Bricking” my phone either. It is even more easy now to not brick your phone than it was in the past. Most importantly, Is it legal? actually yes! it is now legal to jailbreak your device but the only draw back to jailbreaking is it DOES void your warranty. So I would not recommend taking your jailbroke ¬†device into AT&T or Apple for service of any kind, at least not until you restore it to factory settings first. Restoring will remove the jailbreak and make it just like it was when you opened the box. Follow these links from iClarified.com and iPhonehacks.com on more about how to Jailbreak your device.



So if you have already jailbroke your device and your thinking, What Now?? How do I do all of this cool stuff. You will first need to add Sources called “repositories” to Cydia. Cudia is like the App Store but for all those 3rd party apps that Apple doen’t want you to have. This is actually easy to do and you can just search YouTube for a video tutorial.


Finding sources for Cydia is as simple as searching for “Cydia Sources” in your favorite search engine.

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