Cloud media with out monthly fees

The folks over at Cloud Engines Inc. have made a relatively inexpensive alternative to Cloud services. They are currently taking pre-orders for their October release of a new device that allows you to stream all of your media directly from your home. It’s called Pogoplug and has two models a PRO and a Mobile version. With a price of $99.99 SRP (PRO) and $79.99 SRP (Mobile) It’s targeted for iOS and Android devices and does not require a monthly fee. I think this is a great alternative to Apples $25 annual price to upgrade your storage. Other Cloud services can be much more expensive and limit your storage, unless you want to shell out some more dough to upgrade. Check out the Pogoplug Mobile info from and the PRO info from Engadget. Pogo Plug also offers their own cloud storage as well (with free 5GB of storage), but if you choose to go with the device then it could save some money in the long run.








I have recently purchased the Pro model an I am extremely happy with the results! I used a 1TB hard drive and have pictures, videos and full movies stored. The convenience is amazing! I have access to view it not only from any computer but I also have the iOS app and I can view any or all of my content on the go. I can also stream any video or full movie from my iPhone from anywhere. Sharing is simple too, I have also shared pictures and video with family and friends. This is the easiest way to share content and I have no monthly fee or limitation of upload size. The only bottle neck is the upload speed of your ISP but I have cable internet service with only 4.23 Mb/s and streaming to my iPhone over 3G works fine. Pogo plug is also compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux.

Since the Pogo Plug is connected to your router it remains behind you routers fire wall for security. I highly recommend this device to anyone that wants fast easy access to their files. Look out Drop Box! I no longer have a need for you any more!

Official Pogo Plug Blog

Pogo Plug iOS App

Official Pogo Plug Site

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