The Rise of Cupertino

Since 2007 Apple has been an ever-growing force to be reckoned with. Ya sure they had that iPod thing for years before that and then there were those computers that they made even before that. It wasn’t until the iPhone that Apple really made their stake in the industry. The iPod was just a stepping stone. They were able to take a device that played music, and fuse it together with a device that was more widely used in the business world and they called it an iPhone. Take a moment to reflect on how this has changed not only the mobile smart phone market, but the consumer electronics market. I mean before the iPod you had to listen to music on your Walkman or a bulky portable cd player. Remember how big those were? I used to have one and back then it was cool! not to mention the laptop market at that time period wow talk about bulky! What if you wanted to be mobile and make a phone call?? “Zack Morris, your 35 lbs mobile phone is ringing!”

Fast forward to 2011, just over four years after the release of the iPhone. With its design damn near the size of a small stack of credit cards and it can do more than just play music. It can play all of your media, keep track of your email, track your calendars (lets not mention those huge day planner organizer things), surf the web, keep up with all your social sites, and what about the games! my God the games are astonishing the rich graphics, sounds and touch interface. Speaking of touch interface the iPhone has the best touch interface out of any mobile device I have put my hands on. This device along with many devices on the market today can do so many things and more . We have meshed them with our lives so much that we would most likely be lost without them.

Apple keeps making bigger and things, I like to think of Apple as the Willy Wonka of consumer electronics. They have so many tricks up their sleeves it’s crazy to think that they can keep pulling this off. Did they sign a contract with Satan or something? If it wasn’t enough to keep making quality hardware they continue to make quality software to match. No other smart phone maker produces the same quality product on both planes in my opinion.

So what about the “next iPhone”. Weather it be called the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4s or they make two model phones or just one this year and one early next year. you can be sure of one thing. It will continue to be revolutionary. From all the rumors and supposed leaks one can only put together some of the pieces and try to image what will be released on Oct 4.

Of the many features in the new iOS 5 one of them will be iMessage. There has been speculation that Apple would construct their own network to command the many and ever-growing features of their mobile OS. They have to do something with that horde of $76 billion or is it $78 billion. Oh well, does it really matter. When a company that grew to be the largest in the world or not very far from it, can do whatever will strategically mount them to stay on top. With iMessage users can send messages to other iDevices over the data network using your Apple ID. So you could message anyone not only with an iDevice but also on your Mac. Now just think how upset competitors will be if they can’t charge you for texting. It’s a monopoly in my eyes how cellular providers charge for this feature anyway.

Speaking of networks Sprint just struck a deal with the mighty giant of Cupertino. A deal that may very well rise them to the same playing field as Big Red and their nemesis AT&T. The latest rumor is that Sprint signed on with Apple to the likes of $20 billion which will take quite possibly four years just to break even. Now that doesn’t make sense. Why would a company do that. Where’s the profit margin? Sprint would have to sell some where around 30 million iPhones just to fulfill the contract. Well my prediction is that Apple is smarter than people might think. Instead of building their own network, they could use the existing network of Sprint to organize the plans that will be the envy of competitors.

There have been many rumors that have floated around the past 6 to 12 months or so. It would be a waste to talk about them since the big Apple event in Cupertino is so closely upon us. There have been many rumors about the new phone and they are only speculation from leaks of a small part of could be the next device. So in only mere hours we all will finally be brought into the light and have the news graced upon our ears about all the new features and hardware changes that will be made available to us in just a few weeks. So I hope to see two new devices with one being a new design. The 4 is a great design with a few flaws but Apple will not settle until they are happy with a revolutionary sound product.


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