Dark Meadow- out now in the App store

We previously reviewed Dark Meadow from Phosphor Game Studios when it was still in development. Now that it’s on the App store we can give you the low down.

With this game being built on the Unreal engine and I can assure you that the graphics are amazing! The detail, lighting and colors are gorgeous. The game starts you off in an old hospital and you are unaware of where you are or how you got there. As you start to explore the room you can get a feel for the controls which are very similar to Infinity Blade. You can swipe around the screen to look and you can touch objects to pick up gold or health. If you want to move to a new point you can only go where a green pulsing circle is. The same goes if you want to open a door. Fighting enemies is when the Infinity Blade style fight mechanics come into play. You are able to dodge left, right as well as block. What’s a little different is you can do long-range attacks. An enemy will appear in the distance which you can attack with a ranged weapon. Once the enemy is directly in front of you attacks with a sword come in and the fight mechanics are swipe action style. You are also awarded points and can build your characters abilities.

Dark Meadow draws you into its story and  has some of the best visually stimulating elements that you can find. The fight sequence is not as fluent as Infinity Blade but, a great game none the less. For being a game on a mobile platform this is brilliant.

10 out of 12 volts


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