Gaikai’s Cloud based gaming for computers & mobile devices

Taking gaming a new level, GaiKai is building a cloud based gaming platform (this may very well compete with Steam). You can play a demo of a short list of games on their site with the option to buy. There is no software to download its all done through your browser.  This technology allows gamers to play the latest video games on any browser, mobile or internet connected device.  Just click and play with nothing to install (Just imagine playing console or PC based games on you mobile device!). GaiKai supports Java, Flash, Silverlight and HTML5. This could present a whole new way to play games or at least play the demo before a decision to buy is made while on the go.

Your site can submit the pertinent info and if approved and the publisher of the game likes the amount of traffic to your site you can get paid to for users to play games on your site. Gaikai has an impressive list of partners to support this venture. EA, Capcom, nvidia and Adobe just to name a few. If you want to become an affiliate or check the company more in-depth just visit


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