I’m waiting for the iPhone 5, are you?

Sorry iPhone 4s, I believe you are second best to the iPhone 5.

I decided not to get the iPhone 4s and wait till next years release. I did this for a few reasons, one being that I want out of my AT&T contract and am not willing to pay to get out of it. There is really no incentive for me to do so. I also am not happy enough with the iPhone 4s and the hardware upgrades that were made. The dual core is great, and the new camera is great too but aside from that it’s just hype. Now if I didn’t have an iPhone 4 then my view would be a little different.
The real deal is with iOS 5 which runs great on my iPhone 4. I won’t miss SIRI since I never had it to begin with and by the time the next hardware is released they should have all the bugs ironed out. it’s just not enough for me.
The iPhone 5 is the last phone that Steve Jobs was involved with. That has some significant meaning to me. It’s also rumored to be completely redesigned with a larger screen and who knows what other goodies will be included. Probably NFC (near field communication) which will be a great new addition. I know, I know, Android has had it for a long time now. But where can you really use this tech? Not a lot of businesses are using this yet. I know it’s out there but it’s not wide spread yet. Which is why Apple always was putting out these features later than everyone else. They wanted to make sure that the user experience was at its best before giving you a feature that was not going to be utilized to its fullest.
Now don’t misunderstand me, I think that the iPhone 4s is a great product and I’m not knocking it one bit. I just chose to wait it out for the “Big Guns” the big refresh.

Did you upgrade? Or are you waiting too?

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  1. Jeremy October 21, 2011 at 1:29 pm #

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