Capture the perfect picture on every shot with LYTRO

By Arlo Slim
October 20th, 2011

Lytro – New Focus on Things

Every generation have always wanted a reminder of what was and what will be. Now in these times it’s possible to get into new depths of perception with what appears to be first steps into handheld light field photography.

With an 8x zoom, HD quality pictures and can be viewed in 3-D it acts like an eye catching focus on various objects at various distances. While cameras can do that now the Lytro camera can do it after the photograph has already been taken. This will take care of the problem of having to take multiple shots and having to find just the right one that is in just the right focus. In addition to this the shot is immediate and doesn’t spend time on the shutter speed. This will be able to get a bird flying at just the right flap of its wings or a midway jump at a swimming pool.

It is still first generation but prior to this form of photography hundreds of cameras needed to be placed correctly in order to capture what the Lytro camera can do in the size of a harmonica. It comes in three different colors; “Red Hot” which can take up to 500 pictures, “Graphite” and “Electric Blue” which can take up to 350 pictures and come at a price of $399 and can only be bought as of right now on the company’s website. A nifty piece of equipment, if it catches on it can create a whole new concept of photography.

There have been some reports on the efficiency and usefulness of the recently developed Lytro Camera. Nowadays cameras have the ability to take up to 12 megapixels, whereas the Lytro can only take up to 1.2 megapixels on the current models. Which of course doesn’t really matter because the more megapixels on a photograph the less chance of it reaching true definition of what was the original desired photograph (more megapixels can lead to just having what appears to be tiny, defined dots) , so this shouldn’t necessarily be a big letdown. Of course there are the TRUE letdowns for this current company’s venture such as no video recording and no editing features and it’s need to have you go through it’s website before uploading it to Facebook (this company is a startup company afterall). If this company doesn’t revamp itself its idea could be sold off to Microsoft or Apple, or the concept of this new technology goes extinct which is a shame really.

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