How to use iMessage on iOS 5

If you have upgraded to iOS 5 you now have to learn all the cool new features that came with it. One of the coolest ones has to be iMessage. This is the one that cellular networks are going to dislike the most since it will take business away from their monopolizing (and over priced) texting feature. So This is how to use it.

First of all parties that you are messaging need to be upgraded to iOS 5 in order for this to work.

next all you have to do is message them with the Messages app on your device using either their Apple id or their iPhone mobile number. It’s as simple as that. You will know that you are sending an iMessage by the color of the text balloon being light blue of the message that was sent and in the texting field it will say in light grey “iMessage”.

By now Apple has made you switch your id to your email address, so as long as you know this then you can send an iMessage.


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