How to Share Apps, Books and Music between all of your idevices

This is an easy way to get your content on multiple devices with out syncing to iTunes. This feature was added on firmware update 4.3.3. If you have made a purchase of Music, books or even Apps from the app Store you can download those items between all or any of your iDevices. For example, if you purchased music on your iPhone from the App store you have the ability to get that same content on your iPad with just a few easy steps. You can also set what content you want on each device.


First open iTunes and go into Preferences then choose “Store”. Under the Automatic downloads area there are 3 check boxes, one for music, one for Apps, and one for Books. Check all or only the media you want to sync between your devices.

Now on your device (this setting is the same for all devices) open Settings>Store and you will now see an Automatic Download section and you can now turn on the media you want that device to sync when a purchase is made.



Now when you buy content on one device it will automatically download to all the devices that are set with this option.


Here is what you will see on iPhone.


and here is the iPad version.




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