Cybernetic contacts for the eye – Sci-fi no longer

Researchers at the University of Washington are currently testing an electronic contact lenses on rabbits for future use on humans. It’s still in its baby steps but in the near future you will be able to implement it on your mobile device and send e-mails and help in navigating your way across town, even, in due time, access the Internet.

It works by having a ring-shaped antenna around the base of the lens for transmission, an integrated circuit for wireless power and a 1 pixel LED screen. The developers had to change the color of the LED twice; from red, to blue on a sapphire disk and finally when the focus of the blue was disrupting the eye to a Fresnel lens which proved to be effective on the rabbit with no adverse effects.

It sounds like something out of Asimov’s oracular imagination. Something that you can definitely envision everybody within the next ten years having on their eyes jogging down the street and at the same time ordering groceries online. By then it will definitely be vastly improved to the point of making multitasking with this on your eye effortless and coordinated.



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