Batman- Arkham City Lockdown for iOS

I was happy to see this new Batman game today on the App store. Created using Epic’s Unreal engine this game has everything you would expect in terms of graphics. Very detailed clean and sharp the visuals draw you in to the game. It looks stunning on the iPhone 4’s retina display.

At the start of a game you will begin at the Bat Cave in front of a terminal with multiple blue colored displays. The displays have scrolling information and graphics and will allow you to choose different areas like “Batsuits” where multiple unlock-able suits are stored once they are achieved. Next is Waynetech” here is where Combatsuits, Armor and physical Training skills can be applied once you have earned enough Waynetech points. Oh let’s not forget all his wonderful toys. Batman’s gadgets can also be purchased for Waynetech points too. If you wish to make an in app purchase to increase your Waynetech points you can do so here as well. Or you can do it the old-fashioned way and earn them in game play.

Multiple locations can be chosen to start. Once game play begins the fight mechanics are swipe action, so if you’re a fan of Infinity Blade you will feel right at home. At this point you will fight a series of Gotham’s thugs swiping in different directions to punch, kick, dodge and deflect. On to the next criminal when one is defeated you will cycle through all opponents in the level. When all locations are complete the last location reveals a famously notorious Gotham criminal to defeat.

There is some repetition to this title. The levels tend to be the same thing over and over but the use of different gadgets breaks this up a bit. Over all the game play is fun and the graphics are impressive and for $5.99 you get a great game that easily compares to a console level experience. If you would like to get this app here is the app store link.

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