Wearable Batman like glove with a kick

ArmStar created a glove branded “The Bodyguard 9XI” designed for self-defense. Capable of delivering a high voltage shock (Taser like) this glove allows the wearer to only not shock the hell out of an attacker but also has a laser pointer, video camera and an armor plate for, protecting you or beating down you would be subduer. The less than lethal Electronic Deterrent is battery operated and puts out a loud crackling electric type arcing sound to potentially scare am aggressor. If that doesn’t work the Electronic Control Device can be activated but pulling a safety-pin then pressing a palm mounted button to deliver an electric shock for pain compliance.

The device was inspired by David Brown for defense in animal attack scenarios. Being an avid hiker David was distressed when he learned of hikers being attacked on one of his favorite trails.

The Bodyguard has attracted the interest of law enforcement. This new device is to be provided to Homeland Security, DoD professionals and The LA Sherrif’s Department. LASD is to help evaluate  the first formal pre-production model including a development a professional training program.

Just looking at the device gives an impression of something like the suit straight from Batman. This will give law enforcement a good edge in close combat. Anyone going against the wearer of this glove beware, if you don’t get shocked into submission you will deffinatly get the beat down.



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