Magisto’s new editing program, quite magical

First off Magisto is company started 2 years ago. It’s a company that offers free service for its editing tools but will offer a “Premium” service that includes HD quality editing in the future.

Recently Magisto rounded $5.5 million and made partners with YouTube that can utilize the program ubiquitously, already on the right track for this new program.

It’s still in the works but the Magisto program can do wonders with your clips. Once you upload a clip, it also has a status bar showing how much time is left until its assortment is done. In the meantime, give it a soundtrack and title Magisto’s AI begins to sort out speech, movement, and music beats, and will utilize its programming to automatically set all of it into a fully comprehensible clip. While it’s doing all that you can go about your business surfing the web or listen to music. To top that all off it can even structure music and create musical transitions, pretty amazing.

There is a Beta version for it on the company’s website. It’ll live up to its word. And the time consumed for editing will all be but a click of a button.

By Arlo Slim

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