Toshiba Japan USB 3.0 Transmemory EX flash drive

The Toshiba Japan USB 3.0 TransMemory EX is a good transition from your old 2.0 USB drives because not only is it 2.0 USB friendly (by being backwards compatible) it also has one of the lowest power in comparison to rival model – as Toshiba claims…

It has the ability to read and write of up to 220Mb/s to 94Mb/s and its backwards compatibility for 2.0 USB ports 34Mb/s to 30Mb/s.

Its weight is virtually air (not even being a .1 of a pound) and its measurements are 68.8x21x10.5mm (a little over 2 and a half inches and overall around a half-inch in all dimensions). It is expected for distribution come February and it will cost around $100 for the 32Gb model and $150 for the 64Gb model. It is also Windows ReadyBoost compatible and if you’re a Toshiba fan already, you shouldn’t be disappointed.


By Arlo Slim

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