Game on your iDevice console style

There are more and more accessories popping up on the market these days for your iDevice. If you are a gamer you could be interested in this iOS compatible gaming controller dubbed GamePad by 60beat a company that also developed a heart rate monitor for your iPhone, this game controller plugs into the headphone jack of your device. The only draw back is that the game that you may want to play most likely is not supported as 60 beat currently develops the only two games on the app store that can utilize this controller. The controller looks very similar to a PS3 or Xbox controller and the only connectivity is via the devices headphone jack.

The idea is great and I think this would be a hit if it were to connect through the dock connector. This would mean that developers would need to program the apps to utilize the controller but it would be a better option opposed to the headphone jack. It would be nice to use the entire screen real-estate to play too. I personally don’t care for the onscreen controls of mobile gaming but there are alternatives. Flings are one contender and are offered for iPad and a smaller version called Minis for iPhone.

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