the Incredible Shrinking Roku

To aid in the battle of the best movie streaming device or service, Roku recently announced that it will be offering a smaller version of its set-top device. Roku calls it a “Streaming Stick” and this little guy will plug into any available MHL (Mobile Hi-Def Link) HDMI port on your TV. Since it connects in this fashion it will draw power from your HDMI port. On the down side the market is not overly abundant of MHL compatible TVs at this time. Support for this Tech is growing and should be more widely spread Sooner than later but currently Sony, Samsung, Toshiba and Best Buy brands boast this connectivity. The device connects to your network via WiFi and no monthly subscription is needed unless you’re using a service that requires it ala Netflix. Roku states that it will be available in six months and possibly bundled with some models of TVs sold at Best Buy. RoKu is holding out on any more specific details but plans to launch multiple versions of the Streaming Stick with a $50 to %100 price range.

-Electric Sproket

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