Siri to power more than just your iPhone!

Speech recognition company Nuance recently announced at CES that it will be releasing a voice controlled TV platform they call Dragon TV. A set-top box, TV integration or possibly activation through remote controllers are said to be possible. This platform will be made available to OEM and service operators who choose to integrate it into their hardware.

This will allow interaction with your TV using voice and natural language. Speaking commands like channel numbers, station names plus TV shows and movies titles are possible with the new platform. Content searches by actor/actress and genre are included. Even support for Twitter, Skype, and Facebook are included.

Nuance seems to be stealing a bit of Apples thunder with this new release. The rumored new TV version of Apple tv has the possibility of this type of integration. There has also been recent findings within the iOS 5.1 Beta firmware the iPad 2 may be getting Siri integration as well. With the 3rd release of the 5.1 Beta just released to developers we can hope to have a short wait till we see this hit consumers.

Update: First look at Dragon TV

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