LightPad Turns your smartphone into a 11″ laptop or wall projector

If you like to use your mobile device to the extreme then LightPad might interest you. With the selling points of portability and presentations  QP Optoelectronics has made a laptop like device that has a pico-projector and full keyboard built in. What’s nice about this product is that you can use the projector on the built in 11″ high contrast screen or you can flip the projector around and throw up to a 60″ image on the wall. This is compatible with nearly all smartphones and will be available in two models. the G1 (available in 2012) has a 854×480 resolution with a 5 hour battery life and the G2 Model (available in 2013) has a 1280×720 resolution with a 7 hour battery life. Both models have nearly the same specs aside from the ones mentioned and a slight weight difference. Rumored to start with a $300 price point the actual price has not yet been released.

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