Don’t just remember the adventure! capture it forever with Miveu

Video recording in sports has become almost as popular as sports itself. Motocross, Mountain biking, surfing, snowboarding all share one thing on common. They all have athletes that want to take home footage of their experiences. In the past there have been a number of camera devices that would allow one to do this. The only down side to these devices was the cost, They are usually very  high. One for example is the GoPro, the entry-level product is $239.00. In comes the Miveu, It’s essentially a POV chest mount for one of the largest most widespread devices on the market, your iPhone. An iPhone case is attached to your chest via an adjustable strap to capture the experience of your choice. The iPhone’s ability to capture 720p video is more than enough to get a great video while enjoying or competing in your sport of choice unless you have an iPhone 4s which ups the ante. This product also comes with a custom wide-angle lens that is mounted on Miveu’s rugged iPhone case. The wide-angle lens extends the viewing angle to capture the largest view possible. Miveu also sells a Universal bracket that can be affixed to anything from handle bars to a roll cage or be permanently attached to an area with a screw. The pricing on his product is also very affordable. The Miveu X (Chest Mount) sells for just $79.95 and the Miveu Z (Universal mount) sells for just $19.99. So whether you have an iPhone or have access to an iPhone you can take home your moment of stardom with Miveu.


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  1. Don’t Just Remember the Adventure! Capture It Forever with Miveu « - January 23, 2012

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