Don’t have SIRI? Consider Evi

Before going out to download from the app store you might want to follow their Twitter account or check on their site for server updates. True Knowledge, the makers of Evi have had an overwhelming response to the app and their servers have been over loaded.

Evi is a voice activated search engine for iOS and Android and powered by Nuance technology so it understands natural speaking as well as SIRI on the iPhone 4S. You can ask Evi anything that you would normally search the web for and you will get a text and voice narrated response. The app is very responsive, When the servers aren’t being overloaded and provides accurate information. But the features that would make this an over the top app would be text and email integration. The ability to send text messages and emails would really make this the app to have if you didn’t have an iPhone 4S. So for now if you want this type of feature Vlingo is a great addition to your app collection.

App Store link

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