Run Windows Applications on Mac

This is an application that my step father told me about over a year ago when I first switched to using a Mac. At that time I was thinking “I just switch to a Mac why would I want to still run Windows apps?” well something I didn’t realize is that even with the ever-growing Mac popularity there may come a time when I would need to do this, that there might be an app that is not natively programmed for Mac or Unix (Mac’s OS programming language). In comes Wine, while not being perfect it’s still a solid app. Wine will run all of your favorite classic Windows games too like Minesweeper and does this without the need of running Windows OS. It also does not need a virtual machine to run so Parallels or VMWare Fusion is not needed. On the down side it doesn’t support openGL and will not work if your still on Snow Leopard and you will need to have an Intel based Mac to use Wine. The nice thing about Wine is that you also don’t need to shell out the cash for Parallels or VMWare Fusion if you just want to run anything that is supported by Wine.

Here is a link to Wine‘s site and game compatibility list.

And here is a link for a great site on wine info and reviews. and this is a great source for more info on installing Wine.

Download Wine and Wine bottler here as referenced in the video.

And finally here is an excellent video on how install Wine and get it up and running on your Mac.

This video was made by the great guys over at Cult of Mac.

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