Sony Smartwatch

With many states enforcing cell phone laws prohibiting use without a hands free device, it is making cell phone companies think outside the box. Sony has come up with the Smartwatch that will work with many of the Sony Xperia cell phones. The Smartwatch connects via Bluetooth to the cell phone and will show the user who is calling, incoming text messages, check Facebook and Twitter updates, and can also download apps from the Android app store. The display can be clipped on to clothing or a bags strap or the user can purchase one of the colorful watchbands Sony sells and wear it on their wrist. The watch has many capabilities for the right user, while driving it would allow a driver to quickly glance at their wrist to see who is calling as oppose to taking their hands off the steering wheel to check the phone display. The user can download apps, such as a running GPS watch and use it as a running watch. The major downfalls I see is that the user’s phone must be within Bluetooth range to use capabilities that need a cell phone service to work, such as checking phone calls and text messages or even using a GPS app, where many users may not want to carry both their phone and wear the Smartwatch. Another downfall is the watch only works with Sony Xperia cell phones, by limiting the watch to just the Sony Xperia cell phone, Sony has shut out a whole market with iPhone users and other Droid users that may have found use for this particular watch.

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