Never loose your pet again with – Tagg the Pet Tracker

Whether you have trouble with a run away pet or maybe the little guy just lost his way. This handy little device that’s not much larger than a quarter and weights 1.16 oz can help you to re-unite again. The manufacturer Snaptrac recommends this device to be used on pets 10 lbs and up and it easily snaps onto your pet’s collar enabling tracking via GPS. Activation of service is required and can be done using Verizon Wireless. Location is managed by using a PC or Mac and your computers browser and while searching the neighborhood just use tagg’s smartphone app ( iPhone or Android). The taggs  Li-ion battery that only needs charging once or twice a month can hold a charge for up to 30 days but could vary depending on usage patterns. While your pet is near the docking station at home the battery will not require much maintenance so if your pets wanders away allot charging may be more frequent. The tagg system will send notifications when the battery is low and needs charging but it will also notify you when charging is complete so you can return it to your pet. So if you want to keep track of your cat or dog this could be a great device to make sure they stay safe.

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