The 4″ Mach 2 self guided bullet

3 years in development Sandia Labs is designing a 50 cal laser guided bullet that has dangerously impeccable accuracy. Capable of hitting a target at 2000 meters and within an 8 in accuracy, Sandia researchers Red Jones and Brian Kast and colleagues have invented this using a similar design to guided missiles. The bullets’ center of gravity was moved froward, an optical sensor was installed in the nose, and fins controlled by electromagnetic actuators were added to prevent the bullet from spinning. The fins are designed to stabilize its flight path due to the bullet wobbling immediately after its fired to increase accuracy at great distances. Controlling the pitch and yaw of the fins is a tiny 8-bit processor that adjusts the fins up to 30 times per second to keep on path of a laser target.

Currently Sandia is seeking a private company partner to finish prototype testing before bring it the market. Check out the videos below for some inside peeks at the design and capabilities of this new type of ammunition.

the image above is from a nighttime field test with a LED on the back of the bullet to show that the electronics could survive the bullet’s launch and flight.

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