Let your Smartphone watch data usage for you

Do you have the evil corporate tiered data plan? Do you ever go over the cap and get charged extra? Well there’s an app for that! and he’s called DataMan. DataMan is your new super data monitoring hero, just set your billing date, monthly allowance (your tier from your carrier) and then set your threshold alert percentages. Then DataMan will help watch your data usage so you don’t have to and the added bonus is that this app will track your usage in real-time as you’re using your phone! This is an advantage opposed to checking your usage with your carrier as the data that you have just used may not have updated with them yet and will not reflect the true usage. also in the Free version of this app WiFi usage tracking is included too. There is also a Pro version of this app which will send you push notifications based on your thresholds and it does this in real-time as well. It also has geotagging usage to track where you are using data the most and it has the feature of exporting your usage if you’d like to review your table or chart on your computer. So if you’re not on an Unlimited plan this could be the tool that can end up saving you money. There’s also DataMan for iPad too.




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