Improving antenna strength with a spray can

Ever found yourself walking around and checking your signal on your phone to see if it increased, or maybe you have held it out in front of you or above you to see if strength improved. Well there could be no more saying “can you hear me now” when this new product hits the market. Chamtech Enterprises has developed a new technology that improves antenna strength by simply spraying on their product. This new spray can be applied to any surface for improving signal strength or creating an antenna as well as increasing its power. When sprayed on a surface many thousands of nano capacitors are laid out then charge and dis-charge in real-time without creating any heat. Then a cable with a flexible circuit is connected. So instead of  a signal transmitting and receiving on a single copper wire, now can be spread over a larger surface for this to happen. This tech can be huge if its successful, Stop for a second a realize that the single copper wire antenna technology we use today is based from tech that’s over 100 years old!

A barrage of tests were conducted to verify the results, with one of the tests being under water. Chamtech concludes that in nautical applications this product can transmit at least 1 nautical mile while under water. Now that’s some impressive stuff! One other tidbit of info is that this product can also improve mobile energy efficiency by 10 percent, improving battery life.

Check Engadgets review and video for more info

Check WSJ for additional info

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