Mass Effect 3’s mobile doppelganger – Infiltrator



EA will be releasing a supporting iOS game for their Mass Effect franchise called Infiltrator. EA has stated that it will be available around the same launch date as the console version (March 6th). This first person shooter will have some major tie ins to the upcoming Mass Effect 3 title for Console and PC, voted most Anticipated Game of 2012 at the Spike Video Game Awards. While playing Infiltrator you will find intel and collectibles to increase your Galactic Readiness and War Assets which carries over to the console version. This part of the games mechanics will contribute to the outcome of the console based game. The story line for Infiltrator will take your character Randall Ezno on a mission to free prisoners from a hostile Cerberus base in which you will get awards for finding evidence of Cerberus crimes throughout game play. While you won’t need to play on iOS to play the console version, if you choose to do so will get you added benefits. This will require an Origin log in to use this feature and will not be supported on Apple’s Game Center.  This could be a good way to get added unlocks and character attributes for other games as well as future console titles.

If you’ll be playing on an Xbox360 then you might want to try the Mass Effect 3 demo using your Kinect! It will be available Feb 14th.





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