Dension’s WiRC – iPhone controller for R/C cars

There are many things that the iPhone or iOS can remotely control. TV’s, DVD players, Entertainment/Media centers and Web cams but now you can control something all new… your R/C car, boat or plane! Dension’s WiRC controller can remotely control these via WiFi and it can handle up to 8 servos. This new R/C tech can fine tune the trim for the on-screen joysticks and you can even use the iPhones gyro to operate the mini vehicle of your choice. It can also accommodate a small webcam incase you want record that moment when your proudly racing down the street and your R/C car gets ran over by some old lady who’s pulling into her driveway. If you plan on using a webcam, Logitech’s models C100, C110, C170, C615 and C910 are currently known to be supported. Well how this thing works is the device creates a WiFi hotspot either open network, WPA/WPA2 encrypted or by using an existing WiFi network and then connecting your iDevice to that network. It has a 20-50 meter range and currently is only supported on iOS devices. Oh and you might want to think twice if you want to use this with an R/C plane, since its range is less limited than its Radio controlled nemesis.

If you’re a real tech head type you can email the company to request their open protocol SDK and write your own client app or modify the WiRCs’ Firmware. If your interested in this it looks as if it can only be compiled under Linux OS. Dension is also in development of Mic input and Speaker output but that’s still in the works. If you decide to add this new toy to your arsenal it’s gonna set you back about $173.00 but hey, it includes free shipping.

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