Watch or record live TV on your computer or iOS device with HD HomeRun

Ok, so your away from home and you want to record that episode of Golden Girls. It’s the one that you alway miss and you really need to add it to your collection. Well HDHomRun has you covered. Ok so maybe that was a bad example because you’ve already seen all the Golden Girls episodes already right?! HD HomeRun can record live TV, stream cable TV and premium cable tv channels are also available with the Prime model. Made by SiliconDust and awarded Inter National Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Award, the HDHomeRun is a very versatile device.  You have access to the built in tuners to watch TV on your computer via your home network, streams at 720P and 1080i, works with Windows Media Center (also good for DVR capabilities), works with Elgato Eye TV, Compatible with Mac and Linux, is iPhone and iPad compatible and has DVR capabilities. This device also can use unencrypted cable line to access ClearQAM and is free via cable providers. Apple TV can’t do that! Or you can also use an antenna to pick up free broadcast digital TV via local broadcasts. Now this can come in handy for all you TV watchers or even for big televised events like the Super Bowl. You can stream the channel to anywhere in your home. With the DVR capability you can forget about the fees your cable provider charges you to rent the device and you can connect an external HardDrive to your computer for extra storage. Now the limitations of that rented device be can thrown out the window. So all in all the device has some great features and if you want to get one for your home SiliconDust is retailing these starting at $129.99 for the Dual model.

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