Respond to a message on your device without ever lifting your hands from the keyboard

Ever been at your computer while working or surfing the net and get a text message? at this time you stop typing and pick up your phone and respond to the message. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to pick up your device to type a reply? Well Canada based Matias corporations has thought of just that. Dubbed the “One Keyboard” this full keyboard connects to your smart phone via bluetooth so any device using bluetooth can be used. This devices unique feature is with a push of a button the keyboard will switch to your device so you can keep typing instead of having to pick it up and remove your hands while working. One Keyboard even has a comfy little spot right above the arrow directional keys to rest your device on. Powered by a 5′ cable connected to you computer batteries are not required and it’s also compatible with Windows or Mac OS. There is also a version available to make use of different symbols native to Mac and has a built in 2 port USB hub (2.0 speed) for added functionality. If you connect an iPhone, the control of screen brightness, navigation, volume and track selection are also present and is available in 4 different variations Standard, Blackberry, Slim and Tactile. So if this sounds like a product that would suit your needs you can pick it up from Matias Corp for $99.95 (Standard, Blackberry) $79.95 for the Slim or $199.95 for the Tactile version.





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