Tether from your iPhone using iTether

So if you want to tether your iPhone with a computer or other mobile device you will need to pay your carrier an extra $20-$50 a month on top of your data plan (depending on the plan your already on). Sound good to you? well i don’t think so. I think that since you already are paying for data usage you shouldn’t have to pay more to use the same data on another device and unfortunately the greed of the mobile carrier giants think otherwise. But you do have options, you could jailbreak your idevice if tethering is something that you really need. Or you can use another option without a jailbreak called itether (itether works if jailbroke or not). You may recognize the name from its short lived venture on the App Store. Since it got pulled from the fruit giants stock they have worked hard making this software usable without the constrains and many rules and stipulations that the app store regulates. Now unlike the monthly fee that your carrier might charge itether will only charge you a yearly fee of $30. That sounds like a more reasonable fee than the $240 and up yearly charges you would incur in carrier fees and that’s not including local taxes or usage tax or we are the big mobile service provider tax or whatever tax they might want to throw in on top of that. With tether you can not only use your laptop or computer but you can also use an iPad as well. Well enough of my bantering, itether works by creating an AD-HOC network on your computer. Then you connect the iPhone to that network just like you would to any other WiFi network and once you start the companion app from you computer (download link). Lastly from your iPhone point Safari to itether.com and you can now tether your device.

Please leave a comment on your thoughts about mobile device tethering.

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