The iPad 3 is here!

With the release of the 3rd gen iPad this week there has been a lot of excitement. Some of the pre orders arrived early, new gaming anticipations, and some benchmarking has been done as well. As for the lucky ones that have received their early arrivals, they have been able to get the first hands on with the new device. As for gaming the new iPad has allot to offer with the new dual core A5X but more importantly this new processor has a little more bang for your buck. The A5x actually has a Quad core GPU so not only is it a low power consumption chip but it can handle some serious graphical tasks. It will take mobile gaming to the next level and beyond. With first look games like Infinity Blade: Dungeons we will be able to see the new chip in action. But even more in-depth on this chip reveals its ability in performance. Apple claims it is 4 times as powerful as the Tegra 3 Chip. So RitchiesRoomTV posted a video on their YouTube channel to give you a side by side comparison of the new A5X vs the Tegra 3 in the Transformer Prime. You can see that graphically it has some great numbers but the most important part is how it will perform on the consumer end. Meaning how will it work while the average user has it in their hands. The new chip coupled with the new higher resolution screen (2048×1536 pixel res) will be the largest selling points. I think that the biggest thing that Apple has done is to make their devices have that consumer appeal on the hardware side as well as appearance and ascetics. Why else would other hardware manufacturers try to copy Apple’s design? Cough cough Samsung, cough cough, Dell XPS. But there are plenty of other new features that Apple has thrown in. LTE 4G is the big one everyone was waiting for, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround pass through is nice if you like to connect your device to your TV or media center for video playback, The new email attachment feature for multiple formats are nice too. Lets not forget the new 5Mp camera (which seems to be the same camera from the iPhone 4) that records in 1080P at 30fps and not to mention the biggest let down from the iPad 2, face detection and images stabilization and these are just to name a few. The bottom line is that there is allot to admire about the new iPad and I think that most of these new features should have been added to the iPad 2 but none the less they are here now. So now that the new iPad is out in the wild we can look forward to the next new device, the next-gen iPhone.

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