Would you like to get Free data for your iPhone?

So now that I have your attention. FreedomPop established by Niklas Zennstrom  (Skype Founder) has plans to give you 1GB of free data but that catch is that you need to have their case on your phone. It also requires you to put down a $75-$100 deposit, which is fully refundable upon returning the case in good condition and upon canceling service. While doubling as a mobile hotspot connecting up to 8 devices FreedomPop hopes to gain your business beyond the 1GB of free data offered. There is no contract required and no monthly charges but they plan to charge $10 per GIG over the 1GB of free data. Depending on how much data you use that could be a good savings or could be a little costly for data hogs. But this data only plan is offered through Clearwire’s 4G network and considering large amounts of data that “the New iPad” customers are using this 1GB could go fast. It’s not clear if this is only a promotional offer and afterwards converts to a type if paid plan.

This could present some problems since a data plan is required to activate service with any carrier. Without knowing the details now it’s hard to determine if this would be a viable option for someone currently on a contract. If you have an unlocked device this could be a better way to go. Or you could possibly get a micro sim fromAT&T or T mobile for voice only and utilize FreedomPop’s 4G data service. With Clearwire’s growing coverage this may possibly be a frugal alternative.

Original story covered by TechCrunch

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