Rocking Out with the Porcelain Pistols


The song begins.

It’s the Porcelain Pistols performing “Superhero”, the keyboard starts off the song with inviting notes drawing the crowd in to hear what will come next, then EVee’s voice breaks through with such smooth and mellow tones then a rough twist becoming more intriguing, then drums start giving the song it’s heartbeat, finally the guitar and bass join in sending the song into it’s rightful status as a rock song that the listeners can enjoy and let the music encompass them as they sway enjoying the notes, beats and words that are being performed.

The Porcelain Pistols is a group of musicians that have found each other through one way or another to create music that they all love and have an incredible passion for. Chuy Sandoval (guitar) and Rich Lopez (drums) have played together for 16 to 17 years, a couple of years later meeting Jaime Molinar (Bass) while he was playing with another band. A year and a half ago these gentlemen decided to come together to form a new Rock band, only one thing was missing EVee (Vocals/Keyboard). EVee came to the band by the way of Craigslist, the men decided they wanted a female vocalist and EVee wanted a band and now we have the band know as the Porcelain Pistols.

Having a woman in the group left the band with the feat of what their name should be. They went back and forth between many names at one point thinking just Porcelain and then later maybe Pistols. Since the band is a mix of masculine and feminine, why not the name? With that the Porcelain Pistols was born.

These band mates have many musical influences, such as: Chevelle, Stone Temple Pilots, Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and No Doubt not wanting to be clumped in with one particular genre of music. When listening to their creative compositions, one song is completely different from the next in terms of style, I can hear the different band influences and it’s definitely a breath of fresh air to not have the monotony of every song sounding exactly alike. Their music draws you in with the different styles they play ensuring that not one person in the crowd can shy away from listening.

With all of these musicians originating from the Inland Empire area of Southern California most of their shows have stayed local, although this next year a tour is in the works with stops as far as Louisiana. The Porcelain Pistols has plans for a 16-day tour around their full-time jobs, excited to show the U.S. what they have to offer. They are currently using their combined talents to write new music, which will be their first compilation as a whole.

For an even more in-depth look into the Porcelain Pistols including bio, video and music tracks visit their site

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