Who wouldn’t want to take a first-person look inside the town of Quahog? Well, that will soon be possible when the browser-based Family Guy Online MMO is released into the wild. The game has had a few rounds of closed beta-testing since earlier last year, the most recent one starting just a few days ago and ending Thursday, April 12.

After applying to be a beta tester a month or two ago I was invited to check it out today – needless to say, it was pretty damn entertaining.

Family Guy Online - Closed Beta

There are a few classes of characters to choose from:

  • Stewie
    • More susceptible to damage
    • Better combat skills
    • Versatile
  • Chris & Meg
    • Moderate offense/defense
    • Able to “fend for themselves”
    • Element of surprise on their side
  • Peter
    • Strongest option for both offense and defense
    • “Center of attention”
  • Louis
    • Skilled fighter – “trained in Tae-Jitsu and Foxy Boxing”
    • Can heal wounds?

You create a custom…

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