Wormholes – fan made Portal game for iOS

If you’re a Portal fan and disappointed that there is no mobile version this could be you fix! Wormholes is a fan made rendition of Valve’s Portal developed by Jeremy Slavitz. The game follows closely to Portal’s gameplay, Solve 3D puzzles and wield the A978 Wormhole gun to navigate through levels while also using cubes and buttons to unlock doors to complete the puzzle. While this is a fan made game it does come with some less than perfect qualities. The graphics fall a little short considering what the retina display is capable of and the movement is a little slow. Aside from those the game plays identical to Portal and should get you the fix you need until you can play the official version.

One last thing, Valve recommended that  Jeremy Slavitz make the game available for free since it resembled the title. So that means you can download free from the App Store right now. Available for iPad, iPhone 4, and iPod touch 4th gen.

Wormhole on the App Store









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