Convert your iPad into a Macbook Air with – Brydge


Ever since I started using an iPad I wondered why anyone would want to use an external keyboard?! You have a beautiful onscreen keyboard marched with the unparalleled UI of iOS and it works seamlessly while typing on such an already ultra portable device. So for these reasons I never jumped on the external iPad keyboard bandwagon.
I’ve seen allot of Bluetooth keyboards and not a single one seems to be a match with the quality of the iPad. Not even the Apple bluetooth keyboard seemed to be a perfect pair. You still have to carry around multiple pieces and store them in a bag or case. Then I found a new keyboard, the Brydge. This keyboard is designed with a 180degree hinge that the iPad locks into, a stereo speaker, a full sized keyboard with hot keys for iPad functions and is machined from Aero space grade aluminum. With the iPad attached it’s about the same size and weight as a MacBook Air.
This seems to be a quality product and I can’t wait for this to be available sometime after June 4th. They have the funding through kickstarter to go into production so now we wait.
This so far is the only Bluetooth keyboard that I really want for my iPad. I realized that with an external keyboard the full screen real estate can be taken advantage of increasing my experience and productivity while using my iPad.
Check out the Brydge over at Kickstarter or their home site.



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