Control music with a gesture of your hand

Since the introduction of Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox gestures and the reading of body motion to control devices and actions are becoming the next evolution. That Evolution is bleeding its way to the Mac OS X by way of an app called Flutter by Bot Square. What Flutter does (as of right now) is play and pause your music with a simple hand gesture. So now you can say “These aren’t the songs you’re looking for” as you wave your hand at your Mac. Obi Wan would be proud. While this is a great tool that you can use it’s very limited right now and can only execute these two gestures. To add to that it is also only compatible with iTunes, Spotify, VLC and Quick Time which is not a bad line up. Flutter is currently in Alpha testing but you can download and try it for yourself. Bot Squared should be updating this app to understand more gestures, because hey, if it doesn’t then what’s the use right?!

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