Introducing the “Unofficial” Mac App store – The Hackstore

What would we all do without the Mac App store? Where would we get our apps from? did we have any apps before the Mac app store? Well, as vast as the App Store has become in such a short amount of time.  There actually were apps before Apple put together the massive collection of sanctioned software for everyone to drool and throw their money at. You just had to download them directly from the developers site. There were some that were paid and there many that were free. Apple capitalized on the apps that were out there by making an iTunes-like place for software that they could put their stamp of approval on for you to download. So in comes the Hackstore, a place of non-Apple sanctioned apps, or non Apple approved apps that you can download for your Mac opposed to sourcing out and finding these apps at the dev’s site you can now get them on the Hackstore. This new place is still growing and while it can’t be compared to the Mac apps stores massive selection it still has many gems that can be very useful. From apps like Gimp, the next best thing to Photoshop, Lion Designer, Audacity, Opera browser and XBMC are all here at the Hackstore.

Even though it’s called the Hackstore the app claims to not support piracy, Ever. So what you’ll really find is a collection of awesome apps that Apple was too strict to allow on their App Store. This is a great place to find apps that let you do more than most apps from the Official App Store. Go check it out. Just download the DMG file, install and drag it to your dock, I placed mine right next to my App store icon for good measure. Enjoy!

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One Comment on “Introducing the “Unofficial” Mac App store – The Hackstore”

  1. gajju October 26, 2013 at 3:06 pm #

    After installing it when I open it then it says “”” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.”

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