Amplify sound and increase screen size of your iPhone 4 with HiveDock

If you don’t have an Apple TV or maybe you don’t have a large screen tv to mirror your iPhones display to. If you like to share video with others around you or maybe your just not into all that tech stuff. The HiveDock from Screendoor Studio may be your low tech device that can help you out. With 2X magnification and audio amplification the Hive Dock can deliver without the need for electronics or electricity. It can be used in either landscape or portrait positions and utilizing HiveDock’s onboard sound chamber. It will direct the sound outwards toward the listener. This device uses a removable Fresnel lens that is also stored inside the dock for 2X magnification for the iPhones retina display. Fresnel lens’ are thin, large flat lens that allows for a short focal length of the display that is behind it. Originally designed for Lighthouses by French Physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel which was first used in 1823, It could project light form a lighthouse more than 20 miles away.

The iPhone sits sin a molded dock without being connected to any wires or connectors. All of the devices’ controls can be accessed when docked and if you want to get more advanced try using a bluetooth keyboard and mouse!

The device dimensions  are low profile at 7″ L x6″ W x2″ H and makes for a compact size to travel with. The best part is the inexpensive cost. At $34.99 this dock is very affordable. That’s the average price for a iPhone case.

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