Control your computer Minority Report style with LEAP

Until November 2010 when the Kinect for Xbox box was released, there was no true motion driven device or software for the commercial market that used this type of concept. Of course there was Nintendo’s Wii but you still had to hold something in your hand to register some sort of motion or command to play and interact with the console. The Kinect was revolutionary but it wasn’t perfect. The Kinect could read your body movements to play a game but it was limited to only that, a body movement.

OK, so we all have seen the movie Minority Report starring Tom Cruise right? well if you haven’t you should if you want to get an idea of how this product works. Ok not really, you could just watch the video but the movie is good and entertaining too. Imagine using your Windows 7/8 or Mac computer just like you would an iPad. Except that you don’t touch the screen. You use hand gestures and motions in the air directly in front of you to control and manipulate what you doing on the screen. Sound cool?! it is, it really is!

Introducing “LEAP” a small iPod sized device that sits in front of you computer. It uses 3D touch-free motion sensing software to register hand motion and movements. It can sense not only hand movements but also pen or stylus stokes. SO you can write your name or draw and LEAP will register it on the screen. The best way to describe it is to just show you. Watch the video below and prepare to be absolutely amazed.

Its unclear at this time as to how many or which Apps LEaP will support. There will also be a SDK available for Devs to work with as well. LEAP will be available this Winter but can be pre-ordered (in limited quantities now) for $69.99 on their site.

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2 Comments on “Control your computer Minority Report style with LEAP”

  1. grndplane May 22, 2012 at 6:12 am #

    Cool when are you getting it?

    • Electric Sproket May 23, 2012 at 6:19 pm #

      I want to wait to see what it will be compatible with out of the box. NOt a bad price though. I want!

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