America’s new tech hero- HULC

Ok Lockheed Martin did not genetically make the “HULK” of Comic book lore to enlist in battle. In fact what they did do is engineer an Exoskeleton to be worn by Army personnel in the field. HULC is a Hydraukic-powered anthropomorphic exoskeleton that provides the wearer added ability to carry up two 200 pounds. The exoskeleton has an on board micro computer that works with the wearer for a synchronous motion between the suit and natural body movements. Using the powered Titanium legs the 200 pound capacity when carried is transferred throughout the legs of the suit to the ground. The design was to reduce the stress and potential injuries that soldiers carry when in the field.  While Lockheed is working on an improved power cell design it currently has two Lithium ion cells that can last for up to an 8 hour march.

At a Special Forces trade show in Tampa, Fl on the 23 of this month. Lockheed introduced a more compact version of the suit that had a pivoting arm with mounted machine gun. This suit with that mounted gun reduces recoil down to 1/3 again reducing strain on the soldiers who wear the device. Lockheed also tipped off that HULC will deployed overseas for Army testing.

Quite a display to watch, check out the video to see it in action.

Source (Lockheed Martin, Wired)

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