Microsoft’s Entertainment Evolved E3 press event

Here is a short wrap up of todays press conference.

The Microsoft Pre-E3 event today was filled with lots of exciting new stuff. It opened with the introduction of Halo 4. The demo featured the Master Chief in the next and final installment of the Halo series.

Next Ubisoft debuted Splinter Cell “Black List” with Kinect Voice recognition where you command voice controls via Kinect. During the demo as our main character Sam Fischer hangs from a ledge and an enemy stands guard. With the use of the command “hey You” and the enemy walks toward the ledge to investigate. Just then you can execute the enemy and toss him over the ledge

Gears of War Judgement will be a prequel released in 2013. Featuring Baird before the original Gears of War story you will take on the action of not only a new campaign but new multiplayer modes as well. Epic games has be working with People can fly studios (of Bulletstorm) to bring in this new installment.

Forza Horizon 10-23-12 will be the next game to follow in the series and this game looks awesome. Can’t wait to play this one.

The expansion of the Kinect is coming down the pipe. 12 more languages for Kinect Bing will be added along with more Sports integration. NBA and NHL are coming to Xbox live. Xbox will add more live ESPN coverage in HD 24-7. Adding more sports and live coverage. Another new feature added to Kinect sports games is voice integration. You can call the plays out to Kinect as you play.

XBOX Music with 30M music tracks on is also on its way, this is something Microsoft desperately needs to compete with Apple’s iTunes.  this is simply their version a music service.

Nike Plus Kinect training is coming for the holidays later this year. This didn’t seem to generate much excitement with the crowd as other features did.

There were plenty of titles announced during the event like Dance Central 3, COD Black Ops 2 but more to come on these as the next three days progress.

Xbox smart glass will collaborate all your mobile devices with your tv. PC, tablets and mobile phones will link to plug you in to your media entertainment and access your media across all your devices. The ability to use your device to change plays during sports games while playing is a feature that will be interesting to see as this will be added to the Smart Glass product. You can access feature rich content while watching movies and playing games. A cool feature while watching Game of Thrones was to be able to see the map of where the story takes place as your watching the show or to be able to read info of the cast and crew kind of like watching the special features as your watching the main feature.

Xbox also announced a browser will be coming. Internet Explorer is coming to Xbox this year with Web Hub launching this Fall. They promise a fast browsing experience and using Smart Glass you can use you mobile device to control and interact with the browser.

So, lots of great stuff coming from Microsoft and most of it will launch by the end of this year.Stay tuned to ElectricSproket as there is more to come over the next 3 days at E3 2012.

For more in depth info on the event check out IGN‘s site.

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