HAWKEN – E3 2012

ElecrtricSproket had the chance to play Hawken on day 1 one at E3. As I approached the TwitchTV booth there were Alienware PC stations set up and running the game. Set in a futuristic Mech genre you pilot a mech and battle it out multiplayer style. Being a PC based game, It took a little getting used to the controls since I am predominately a console gamer but it didn’t take long to jump right in the action and the game play was great. At E3 Adhesive is running a scaled back version of the game and it still looks amazing. The final version will run at 40 plus fps (don’t worry you can still run the game on a sub $100 machine as reassured by an Adhesive rep). The game starts off with a cockpit view from inside the mech and before jumping in you can choose the type of mech you want as well as some weapon options. Once in the battle you scout out the map and hunt down your opponents for the kill. Launching Rockets and pummeling other mechs with your gunnery is what needs to be carried out to reach your objective. The map was very detailed and had an authentic look to a future apocalyptic time period. There were tight roadways and overpasses to navigate as well as ambient NPC (non player character) movement of aircraft flying through the map.

Hawken, published by Meteor Entertainment and developed by Adhesive games LLC started out with a group of 5 people that came from Project Offset. Using the Unreal engine creative director Khang Le did an awesome job with the premise of the game and it’s set to go into open Beta on 12-12-12 so sign up for this one. You won’t be disappointed. The game is set to launch with 5 different maps (although 7 are in the works) and 30 mechs 10 light, 10 medium and 10 heavy. There is also some talk about making this game available on Gaikai cloud gaming platform. But that is still in the works and may be a preview before the game is launched so you can get a taste before the full version is released.

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