Dead Space 3 – E3 2012

I was hooked when Dead Space 2 was released. I played the game multiple times and the multiplayer was awesome. If you love scary movies and you’re a gamer this game is where it’s at! For some odd reason when I played the demo for the first Dead Space I wasn’t as captivated by it. I thought it was a demented gore type of game and didn’t care to spend more than a few minutes playing. About a year after I heard about the release of Dead Space 2 I contemplated downloading the demo. Then I just thought what the hell I’ll just check it out and then just like that the game hooked me. I like sic-fi, action, horror and a good story in a game and Dead Space 2 had all of that and awesome graphics to match. Once I followed the story I instantly liked the game.

Now here we are at E3 2012 and just before the event the third installment was announced by Visceral Games. I can’t tell you how much I am anticipating this release of this game. So at E3 I had to check out the demo at Activision’s booth.

Dead Space 3 continues the story following Isaac Clark. Visceral continues to use the same recipe that made the previous games a hit. The weapons, enemy’s and now more open environments. They have allowed for more exploration of deep space and planetary surfaces but have included a new element that’s different from the past installments. They have added a co-op mode that can jump in and out of the game as you see fit. The new character is Carver and with him you can drop in or drop out at any time during the game to help through the campaign. In Dead Space 3 you just might need some help from Carver. Now that isn’t completely necessary, if you’re a fan of the previous games and you like the creepy dark game play you can do just that without the co-op element. If you decide to go co-op there will be added story line to fill in why the Necromorphs are important to Carver’s character including al new story content, why he’s along for the ride, new character development, and new missions. There will also be new collectables as well. Visceral have added some new Necromorph enemies like the Feeder and some epic bosses to defeat. So you just might need some help from Carver for that. Check out the trailer below.

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