Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in one app with MyPad+

I think multitasking and functionality are two very important things when it comes to saving time and being productive. So when I found this app I was excited and a little let down at the same time. The app is MyPad+ (iPhone and iPad) and it does some things very well. One being that it integrates all three apps (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) into one app. So its great to not have to leave the app to get to either one of the other apps. First sign in to Facebook and then you can sign to each of the other apps from there. All the basic functions are there for all three apps via a slide bar at the bottom of the screen. There is even a music option from Hype Machine, there are even promotional apps in the game controller icon with direct App store links. So the convenience of the app is great. If you want to use Airplay you can mirror slide show photos from any of the three apps to your tv in Ken Burns style.

Now what I find to be challenging with the app is the limited functionality. Instagram for example only shows you the images for people you already follow or in the popular area. So you can’t take a pic from the app or post a pic from your camera roll. As for Twitter, I love the Tweebot app and so far that is the best client I have found for twitter so I was very let down using twitter from MyPad+. I also like to email tweets and links to myself when I find something interesting and I was not able to do that from this app. As for Facebook I think this had the best functionality out of the three but I do have to admit that I’m not a big FB user.

So if you looking for one app to wrap up all three of these then MyPad+ is a good contender, although I haven’t seen any competition yet and for .99 it snot a bad price either.

MyPad+ for iPhone .99

MyPad+ for iPad .99

MyPad for iPad Free

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