the latest iPhone pico projector by Dausen

For the ultimate in mobile portability and large screen enjoyment there’s always a projector peripheral. As long as you have a large flat wall or surface you can view your iPhone display in all it’s glory with a pico projector. I guess if you wanted to use it for a presentation where modern A/V is unavailable could be an option as well. At any rate Dausen has a new gadget to add to the ever-growing iPhone accessory/peripheral market. Powered by Texas Instruments DLP optical technology, a 640×360 image can be projected up to 70 inches out. It also packs a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 2200mAh battery that not only lasts up to 3 hours but can also juice up your device. This little guy has a 0.5W built in audio amp so you don’t have to use the iPhones speaker, but if you’re projecting an image of this size it might be a good idea to use something with a bit more power with a larger crowd. While just debuting at Computex 2012 and unofficial pricing not being announced the device has already popped up on Deal Extreme‘s site for $318.80 if you’re looking to get your hands on one.

Original Source : Engadget

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