Add more storage to a Macbook Air or Macbook Pro

About a month ago a new start-up came to Kickstarter. This product is aimed to increase to storage capacity of a Macbook Air but will also work on all Macbook Pros models as well Mid 2010 and later that have an SD card slot. Inserting a Micro SD card into the Nifty Minidrive and then inserting into the SD card slot on your Mac can get you up to 64GB of storage on addition to what you already have. This was a designed to be plugged in and left installed and to add extra storage instead of using an external HDD. The Nifty Minidrive will have a Macbook quality Aluminum finish while the rest of the device will have high-grade plastic. Since the Nifty mini drive sits flush with the laptop when inserted, an eyelet has been worked into the design so that it can be removed with a paperclip if needed. Backers will also have a few colors to choose that won’t be offered once it’s released and will also receive the product by November this year. Overall this seems like a good addition to any Macbook, any extra storage is a good thing and hey, no more fumbling for those flash drives.


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