Muze – your new music app

If you take a moment to reflect on the iPod and how far it has come and its main purpose you can’t deny it’s popularity, but there is one thing that was left to be desired. The interface and how you controlled your music. Apple  didn’t really change it much. Remember the click wheel and its basic functions? Still kinda the same now isn’t it? When the album art was added it gave you something new to look at but it was a distraction from the basic functions and still didn’t change even now on the iPhone or iPod touch. So I was happy to find Muze and it’s refreshing interface for the basic music player. Now there’s plenty of players on the app store but until now none of them have made want to download or even buy one. Muze isn’t just a pretty face either. Sharing a song to Facebook, and Drop box integration are just a couple of features. Muze has a great look and functionality to the player. Displaying the time and date, easy navigation of your music library, Swipe gestures for forward, back , play and pause and creating playlist. What’s also good about this new app is if you use a Free Music app and it can open the song in Drop box to back up. You can link your Drop box and download the song to Muze. Over all Muze has the ingredients for a great music player.

Muze iTunes link .99

Muze iTunes link Free

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